Juventus achieve a draw to qualify for the next round of the Champions League

Image taken from Juventus.com

Image taken from Juventus.com

Juventus may have genuinely wanted to win the group and thus achieve the 2-0 scoreline they needed, but in essence the squad isn't yet ready to manage such results when the opponent is a wonderfully organised team and when confidence in Europe has only just been restored. Being cautious was the mature approach, even if everyone expects more of this team.

Playing a compact game with an emphasis on defending, Atletico Madrid were perfectly set up in defence with two organised and tight lines that made it impossible for Juventus to penetrate. Closing down the spaces and ensuring the channels were covered, players like Carlos Tevez, who makes all the difference for Juve, had to go deep in order to be allowed some time on the ball.

With two centre backs tasked with irritating Fernando Llorente -- Juve's tactical sacrificial lamb used only to annoy defenders -- Juventus were hoping to operate between the lines, but Atleti were far too compact to be caught out. 

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