BT SportsHUB football and fashion

Filmed a Documentary I'm really excited for everyone to watch but after that it was off to BT SportsHUB where everyone took the p*** out of my website and what I described as my passion for fashion. HA! You can't blame them. I can't help it, I like dressing up!

Imagine their shock when I explained why my nickname was 'The Colonel'. They didn't expect an ex-Vogue employee to be enamoured with a bucket of KFC!

Anyway, SportsHUB is always my favourite show to do. Great people to work with and today I got to meet Martin Allen! He was the man  in charge of Notts County when they played the friendly against Juventus, the first match to be played in Juventus Stadium. Funny anecdotes and more. 

Here are a few pictures and a Vine video. Hope you enjoyed!

Outfit details... Boots you can find here. Dress is an oldie from Vakko but you can find something similar here.

xoxo M