Empoli defeated but the performances must be improved

It seems Juventus are only interested in playing second halves of football matches these days but against Empoli that was acceptable. Grabbing all three points in a 2-0 win, it wasn't a magical performance by the Old Lady but rather a game won thanks to the individuals on the pitch.

Empoli are the youngest squad in Serie A and Maurizio Sarri has done a beautiful job with the youngsters he is nurturing. Not only is he progressive with his tactics, demanding his team play a dynamic and organised game that is centred around possession and short passes, he has given the squad an identity they are not willing to give up, whoever they face.

Sarri insisted prior to Juve's arrival that he would not deploy a side that simply sat back to defend. He wanted to see courage in the eyes of his players and actually attack the weaknesses of the Bianconeri. 

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