Can the Old Lady find her feet in Europe?

Rich, superior, glamorous and successful, there’s a reason why Juventus are dubbed the Old Lady of Italian football. They are Italy’s most successful team, were an example to follow and exuded prestige. That is until the Calciopoli scandal destroyed the Old Lady’s integrity, ripping the splendour away from her delicate clutches.

Finding her way back to the top has been a long arduous task that occurred largely thanks to Antonio Conte and his willingness to teach the Old Lady the values of the working class. In order to reach the top, you have to start from the bottom.

By demonstrating discipline, professionalism and a soldier like mentality, the Bianconeri ran relentlessly and fought incessantly to accumulate consistent victories. Playing with visible passion and a burning desire, opponents struggled to overcome the intensity and Juventus soon notched up three titles in a row, breaking records along the way.

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