Udinese inaugurate Dacia Arena by losing 4-0 to Juventus

It was a meant to be a day reserved for Udinese celebrations. After 20 months of restructuring work, their stadium (now called Dacia Arena) was finally fully opened and coach Stefano Colantuono was hoping his men would play with pride and ensure a good performance. Yet it took Juventus just 15 minutes to break the deadlock before adding three more to finish the game 4-0.

Inspired by Paulo Dybala, the Bianconeri demonstrated excellence and intelligence to exploit the hosts' weaknesses and inexperience, winning free-kicks and converting them with precision to move up to second place in the league. The difference between the two sides in terms of technical quality was far too big. While Juventus are still capable of taking their eyes off the ball and lowering their concentration when in command of the game, they can afford to do so when faced with a opponent capable of so many individual errors.

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