ESPN Serie Awesome Podcast


In our latest podcast, Paolo, Gab and I try not to argue so much as we discuss the mistakes Max Allegri is making at Juve, Fiorentina’s beautiful football, Milan’s growing brand thanks to Piatek and all Icardi woes at Inter.

We also discuss where Gab will take Paolo and I to dine when Paolo wins the bet! (Paolo said that Piatek will score 20 or more goals this season and Gab said no way earlier in the season). And of course, who we would like to meet if ESPN allowed us to meet a hero…

PS Gab thinks Sokratis from Arsenal is one of the cool guys in football. Is he?

Click on the link here to download the latest episode!

Ps, we are trying to record earlier in the week based on suggestions i’ve received via this website and Social Media so from now on, we will record on a Tuesday. However, if it’s a Champions League week then we will record on a Thursday, after the games!

Mina x