ESPN Serie Awesome Podcast - 27th March 2019


How much do I love this podcast! I mean, it really is a lot of arguing, a lot of banter but a lot of love as we walk each other home at the end of the show. Interesting tidbit, Gab, Paolo and I are all Leos, so you can understand all the passion!

This week on the show, we discuss Roberto Mancini’s exciting Italian National Team, the rise of Moise Kean, the brilliance of Quagliarella and the wonderful Zaniolo. Then as ever, we go into Mauro Icardi a little, what Juve should do if Ronaldo isn’t available against Ajax and what to expect from Lazio, Napoli and Milan this weekend! Oooh and who should get the Roma job?

Click on the link to have a listen!

Hope you enjoy - M xx