Leonardo Bonucci's departure sad but understandable

No sooner had Juventus fans started celebrating the arrival of Douglas Costa than rumours gathered that beloved defender Leonardo Bonucci was being targeted by Milan and a transfer was likely. In a sceptical world full of fake news, Italians laughed. They knew better. A transfer to Chelsea and a reunion with Antonio Conte, maybe, but Milan? Never. "I was the black and white sheep of a house full of Inter supporters," explained a young Bonucci when he first arrived to Turin to start his adventure.

Juventus pulled off another transfer market masterstroke when they opted to invested in little Leo, a Juventino since childhood. Although he was derided by the critics who warned that his partner Andrea Ranocchia was the better between the two defenders, Juve knew better. Never a club that invests in talent alone but in the man, the Old Lady recognised that glint in Bonucci's eye. He was a born winner and he would lead his club to glory.

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