Juventus need Allegri's ability to develop players

Many are still in the dark with regards to where Massimiliano Allegri's future lies. With the likes of Barcelona and potentially Arsenal looking for a new coach, even the happiest of tacticians may be tempted by the lure of a new experience.

Should Allegri choose to leave Juventus, the club will not only lose a champion but a man whose character is perfectly aligned with the values of the club. The personification of Stile Juve, Allegri may not be the passionate soul who awakens the tribalistic nature within every football fan but he's calm, elegant and the perfect man to diffuse the many awkward situations a club like Juventus finds itself embroiled in on a regular basis. A small joke here and there, a clever shift in focus and the self-deprecating attitude he brings to press conferences have helped enhance the club's elegant reputation.

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