Juventus defeat Porto to progress to Champions League quarterfinals - Player Ratings

Juventus barely broke a sweat in their unentertaining 1-0 defeat of Porto to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Sitting back and allowing Porto to try to create something, the hosts did not show much ambition in the first half. Their interests were in controlling the match, not in producing entertainment.

Porto shot themselves in the foot when Maxi Pereira earned a red card for handling a close-range Gonzalo Higuain strike and Paulo Dybala converted the ensuing penalty perfectly. Juve's third goal on aggregate killed off any hope of a Porto comeback and the Italians treated the rest of the match as if it were a training session, barely expending any energy to seal another home victory -- their 40th in a row in European and Serie A competition -- and progression in the Champions League.

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