Giampiero Ventura's Italy side

With Italy set to play France under a new Coach, Mina Rzouki asks what Giampiero Ventura should keep from Antonio Conte’s era. 

Embarrassed, deflated, beaten, Juventus were shambolic when a certain Antonio Conte came to town. Having finished in seventh place for two seasons in a row, the Old Lady of Turin had lost her glow, the absolute right to dominate and intimidate. Conte may have once been her Captain, a heroic player who fought for every win, but what was the 4-2-4 man going to bring to a side that needed so much bravery and skill to succeed?

Whether it be his winning mentality, his tactical intelligence or the courage to adapt to the circumstances, Conte transformed a sleeping giant into a footballing force yet again. He experimented and tweaked his style until he settled for a 3-5-2 shape, one that masked the deficiencies within the side, highlighted the strengths and provided the balance required to succeed.

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