Massimiliano Allegri - A man deserving of a contract renewal

A boisterous, disciplined and hard-working team, Juventus were the well-oiled machine who only cared about the result and have never claimed otherwise. In Antonio Conte, they met their soulmate. A former captain and star of a team that ground out important wins in both Italy and Europe, he grabbed the Old Lady by the scruff of her neck and force fed her victories. Loud, obnoxious and smug, Conte was Juve and Juve were Conte, or at least that was what we were taught to believe.

When their beloved coach chose to depart, darkness blinded the team that had just begun to dream. Abandoned, scared and anxious, when Massimiliano Allegri was announced as the man who would replace their outgoing saviour, hysteria was the only rational reaction. Allegri, the man sacked by Milan? Allegri, the man whose girlfriend once dubbed Juventus "the shame of Italy?"

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