Juventus defeat Carpi 2-0 - Player Ratings

A routine win for the champions of Italy, Juventus wrapped up a 2-0 win over a vastly inferior opponent in Carpi, who rarely looked interested. With banners hanging all over the stadium, most dedicated to Massimiliano Allegri and the extraordinary job he's done with the team, Juve were in a celebratory mood. Lacking in intensity against a side that attempted to push in fits and spurts but devoid of genuine belief in their capabilities, the Bianconeri were allowed to take control of the match.

Prioritising defence, Carpi defended in numbers and as a unit. Taking care to block and intercept anything that came in their path, they were limited in their attempts to create offensive moves that would have troubled the opponent. Whatever they did manage going forward usually involved Simone Verdi but with Leonardo Bonucci reading the game well, the visitors suffered.

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