Juventus are Serie A Champions

They blew it; they knew they did. Pitted against a Barcelona side dubbed the greatest in history, Juventus had their chances to win and lift the Champions League trophy but couldn't. That plane ride home from Berlin after the 2015 final provoked a thousand emotions and a time for introspection.

One player aboard that very plane sat observing. Surrounded by disconsolate champions, he was trying to make sense of what happened, attempting to familiarise himself with the behaviour of those within a big club. Claudio Marchisio walked up to him, held out his hand and introduced himself. "Prepare well, we have to win everything next year." Wide-eyed and intrigued, Paulo Dybala swallowed and nodded. He quickly realised where he was: a club where not even a painful defeat could demoralise a squad so desperate for total glory.

Welcome to Juventus son, the home of never-ending desire.

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