Why Stefano Pioli is not entirely culpable for Lazio's demise


In August, the Serie A season hadn’t even kicked off, but many critics and footballing analysts had already predicted the demise of Lazio, a side that had overachieved last season. Under the guidance of a superb Stefano Pioli, a man deeply respected by his peers, the Biancocelesti had reached the Coppa Italia final and finished in third place in Serie A, allowing them the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League.

Pioli finally demonstrated what many thought he was capable of – creating extraordinary teams. While Lazio were never quite a side that boasted remarkable individual ability, he united a fractioned team, transformed them from a practical side into a winning one, and dazzled onlookers with the team’s courageous tactics.

Collecting fewer draws than any other Serie A side, the Roman outfit refused to ever settle for a point, making it their mission to always go for the win, even if it resulted in misfortune.

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