Rating Juventus vs Bayern Munich

Juventus started Tuesday's match against Bayern Munich with fear and trepidation, conceding two goals to all but ensure their exit from the Champions League. That is until ambition reared its beautiful head.

In the words of Gazzetta dello Sport's match review, "No one puts Juventus in the corner."

If there is ever a side who knows how to stage a comeback, it is the Old Lady. Two goals in 13 minutes and the Bianconeri managed a 2-2 draw to keep hope alive in this competition.

Void of confidence, Juventus started in cowardly fashion and struggled to win back possession or merely keep hold of the ball for longer than a few seconds. Every pass inaccurate, every attempted challenge embarrassing, the side once revered for their spirit and intensity struggled to challenge their opponents or apply even a hint of pressure, falling deeper and deeper, terrified of what the German's front line would do.

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