Defensive Atalanta are defeated by Juventus - player ratings

There's something to be said about a team that have managed 17 wins in 18 league games. Winning 2-0 against Atalanta, a team that relied on defensive caution and offered little going forward, it seems no one can contain Juventus and their winning mentality.

After the embarrassment suffered against Inter, the Bianconeri were keen to return to winning ways and all the players ensured a well-rounded display to ensure success. A team that understands how to work as a unit, it's rather special to watch Mario Mandzukic contribute defensively and Andrea Barzagli score the winning goal.

However, while the Old Lady's superior quality ensured a win, they were far from perfect and were forced to suffer, when Edy Reja's men attempted to find a way of overcoming an organised Juve side by exploiting the wide areas and delivering in crosses.

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