Moise Kean - Juventus' teenage sensation

On the Nov.1 2006, a young man by the name of Claudio Marchisio made his first start for Juventus. The midfielder born in Turin and a lifelong fan of the club hoped he would one day prove his worth to a team he cherished from an early stage. A decade on and the Italian is the very cog that helps balances out an extraordinary team.

Marchisio is the physical embodiment of Lo Stile Juve -- the club's elegant, fair and professional ethos -- and adored by the fans, so much so that they treated him to a standing ovation when he recently returned from injury.

Having a player grow and succeed at the club is evidence of great management and what Juventus have achieved with Marchisio, they hope to repeat with Moise Kean, the 16-year-old sensation.

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