Higuain strikes winner for Juventus against his former club 2-1

They lost against Internazionale and were beaten by AC Milan, but Juventus finally won a match against a "big" club on Saturday night, defeating Napoli 2-1.

Deployed in their usual 3-5-2 formation, Juventus lacked intensity and fluidity in midfield and struggled to impose themselves in the first half. Yet that didn't stop them from creating chances against a Napoli side that thrilled with their quick and incisive passes.

The game proved more open in the second half, and both sides scored one each, but it was Juventus who looked more in control. Raising the tempo and playing with more speed on the ball, Gonzalo Higuain not only created but finished off a wonderful manoeuvre to rub salt in an open wound and score the winner against his former side.

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