The beauty of Lazio as they prepare to face the league leaders

Ordinarily you would never expect Roma fans praying for a Juventus win but on Saturday afternoon, those flying the Giallorossi flag will be praying for just that as the champions face Lazio.

The other Roman side are in a terrific period of form, developing and growing into a fine unit of players with a terrifying winning mentality. They have emerged as the closest challengers to Juve and those who doubted coach Stefano Pioli have been proven wrong.

The one criticism people have levelled at the former Juventus defender is that his football has never been easy on the eye. Pioli enjoys the basics and is fond of great defences, as are most ex-Juve players. Yet at Lazio, he has crafted an attack-minded side, taking advantage of all the talent he has at his disposal.

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