Juventus are through to the final of the Champions League!

An epic night, an epic victory and the Old Lady lives on. Juventus are in the Champions League final and deservedly so, for no club has toiled as hard to return to glory.

No fluke, no controversy, Juventus reached the final by playing 180 minutes of intelligent football. Understanding the duality required of champions, they defended with might and attacked with panache, making the most of spaces and mistakes to take their chances. They were tactically intelligent and mentally strong, knowing how and when to alter formations to neutralise and punish the opponent. While hesitations and anxiety will always rear their ugly heads, leading to certain missed chances and desperate moments of defending, the players fought off the words of the naysayers and matured before the fans' very eyes. Neither the occasion nor Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty-taking abilities shook their faith. They believed until the end.

The match started well for the side that looked to dispel fears of a defensive approach.

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