Juventus are the Champions of Italy #4JU33

Congratulations to Juventus, who have been crowned the champions of Italy for the fourth year in a row. A 1-0 victory over Sampdoria was enough to seal their fate as the greatest Italian side of the modern era. The team's continuing dominance and evolving style of play is thanks to their new coach and his army of professional players.

Hoisted up in the air by his players, Massimiliano Allegri merits his rewards, for he has not only confirmed their winning status, but has allowed the individuals within this cohesive squad the opportunity to grow into their own, expressing their own individuality and potential without forgoing their obligation to the team. A gentle soul who has found a way to express his wishes and anger without exhausting and frustrating a squad, Allegri has arrived at his ideal club.

Yet it must be noted that without such a professional squad who boast a soldier mentality, his task would not have been as easy and could have ended a beautiful cycle.

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