Could game against Fiorentina provide Juventus their 33rd title?

Image taken from Eurosport

Image taken from Eurosport

Juventus could be crowned champions of Italy for the fourth consecutive season on Wednesday evening when they take on Fiorentina, yet it seems few are quite ready to forgive the side for the mistakes committed in the Derby della Mole.

There was a lot of criticism aimed at Massimiliano Allegri for bringing Carlos Tevez on against Torino in hopes of achieving maximum points. A win, certain newspapers wrote, was not of the utmost importance considering Juve's position in the league, so why not allow the Argentine to rest? A valid point indeed, especially as the forward needs a break, but the method behind Allegri's alleged madness should also be understood: Wins at this stage are vital to maintain momentum and he was attempting to correct his mistakes.

The Bianconeri coach has the semifinals of the Champions League to contend with. And while it's necessary his players are fresh and ready for the challenge, it's also important they maintain their intensity and focus, which can only be achieved by playing and winning matches.

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