Celebrations postponed despite Fiorentina's defeat

Image taken from Juventus.com

Image taken from Juventus.com

Title celebrations will have to be postponed at least a while for Juventus, who managed a win against Fiorentina. Lazio pummelled Parma to delay matters, but a point against Sampdoria over the weekend and the Old Lady can celebrate yet another domestic triumph.

Fiorentina are always tricky opponents for they boast great technique and genuine desire. When they're fully concentrated and alert, they defend with vigour and attack with pace and strength and the manner in which they started the match troubled the home side. Juventus are simply not at their best at this moment in time and it largely has to do with the fact that they don't need to be. Careless with their passes, their attitude nonchalant, the Bianconeri are not playing with gritty determination and the fluidity that previously defined them.

The problem with Serie A is this: Juventus rarely find an opponent capable of punishing them for their mistakes. They can afford to play with the handbrake on, squander possession and give only 80 percent. 

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