A courageous Juventus will host Real Madrid

There is no doubt about it; the Champions League semifinal match against Real Madrid will be the most difficult test Juventus will face this season. European champions and a squad brimming with talent, experience and courage of conviction, Real boss Carlo Ancelotti is right: Whoever demonstrates more fear will lose.

Juventus fans have to be realistic. Their team is arguably the weakest team among the four semifinalists, despite all that they have achieved and the excellent balance they boast within the side. They may be one of the few teams in Europe capable both in attack and defence and can play in various formations. Nonetheless, like their opponent on Tuesday night, they can suffer psychologically.

Some have compared the Bianconeri to Atletico Madrid as they are both 'surprise packages' who are strong and adept of managing a win despite possessing inferior squads, but the truth is they are nothing alike.

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