Another 1-0 victory to defeat Genoa

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Juventus beat Genoa 1-0 on Sunday thanks to the individual power of Carlos Tevez.

A divine Tevez goal secured the win for Juventus but while the team's struggles were evident, so was their maturity and eagerness to get a result.

Genoa are one of the few sides in Serie A that give their opponent an education -- it's both exhausting and difficult to play a side that always boasts stamina and organised tactics. Pressing high up the pitch, they offer their opponent no respite. They are capable in possession, play with width and press until they have their ball at their feet.

Playing a match against Gian Piero Gasperini's men is an opportunity; a chance to grow and mature. Opponents, such as the Bianconeri on Sunday, learn how to manage their energy, press and defend as a unit.

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