A tactical yet thrilling match as Juve defeat Borussia Dortmund

Image taken from Juventus.com

Image taken from Juventus.com

A thrilling match between two impressive sides, both Jurgen Klopp and Massimiliano Allegri approached the game with interesting and intelligent strategies. It was night where attacking the defensive weaknesses of the opponent was the priority and the result was a beautiful tactical encounter.

Juventus love nothing more than to play the ball out from the back, controlling the tempo and looking for the vertical passes forward until they reach the final third. The likes of Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba maintain possession while Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio shield the back-line. The only way Dortmund could win back the ball was by interrupting the less technical players -- the Bianconeri centre-backs. Singling them out, they eventually achieved what they wanted, provoking the Giorgio Chiellini slip that led to the equaliser.

When in possession, Dortmund worked through the flanks, their full-backs pushing high, while Juve's plan to congest the midfield failed on occasion. 

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