The art of rotating for Allegri....

With the Champions League set to restart for Juventus, the number of games the team will play are bound to lead to fatigue and mental exhaustion. It is precisely for this reason, Massimiliano Allegri and co. feel they missed a trick when they failed to defeat Cesena to open a bigger gap at the top of the table.

It wasn't simply a case of luck or poor energy, the Seahorses perfectly exposed certain weaknesses within the Bianconeri team that has provoked anxiety. Two goals conceded from open play demonstrate a weak defence and one that falters when pitted against strength and height. Without Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus struggle to win aerial duels in defence.

Cesena are not only the best team when it comes to triumphing in aerial challenges but they boast the striker who has won more in the air than any other player in Serie A, Milan Djuric.

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