The Juve attack - can Tevez, Morata and Llorente all play?

Juventus are preparing for their match against Cesena on Sunday evening, but all anyone cares to discuss is Alvaro Morata. The young Spaniard has developed steadily since the start of the new year, understanding the sacrifice necessary to be a vital cog in Massimiliano Allegri's system.

While he appeared desperate and individualistic at the start of his Bianconeri adventure, relentlessly looking to strike on goal rather than facilitate the movements in the final third, he has since understood his role in the team and what he must do to play within it.

Fernando Llorente is not the greatest of strikers nor does he train better than the young Morata, but he was consistently chosen to start because he sacrificed himself for the sake of Carlos Tevez and the midfielders who make timely insertions. 

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