Lazio defeat Inter to make it the tightest Serie A race in years!

It was tantalising from start to finish, a real fight between two sides desperate to prove themselves. Inter v Lazio was not only a match between two Italian giants but a game that may well have impacted the title race and saved Stefano Pioli’s job, says Mina Rzouki.

Inter were crowned Winter Champions last weekend, having accumulated 36 points after 16 matches. Playing a physical game that relies on heart, discipline and great organisation, many have branded them the ugliest side to watch in Italy. Managing several 1-0 wins by prioritising defensive awareness to attacking beauty, Inter did not care for the criticism – they laughed their way to the top of table gaining more and more confidence as the season progressed.

Their Sunday night opponents, by contrast, were anything but united. To read more, click here.