Palermo vs Juve is a story between Prince of Trabia and Gianni Agnelli

Juventus' trip to Palermo represents a seemingly ordinary match between two Serie A sides. One is a giant that resides in Turin, the other a smaller club from Sicily. Yet whenever the Rosanero host the Bianconeri, tickets sell out quickly and so many fans can be heard chanting for Juve.

Many have wondered why this match is looked upon as a derby. To the most ardent fans, those who cheer on Juve are nothing short of traitors, but the link between the two sides is a story etched in history and made famous by the great friendship of L'Avvocato, the great Gianni Agnelli, and Raimondo Lanza di Trabia, the last Prince of Sicily and once upon a time president of Palermo Football club.

Raimondo Lanza Branciforte, Prince of Trabia, was an illegitimate child, a wealthy man... To read more, click here.