How Juventus must improve financially

Patrice Evra confirmed in an interview this week that, despite his age, Juventus continue to teach, develop and nurture him, even managing to save his life (it was at the club where the defender learned he was allergic to eggs, a dish he often indulged in while at Manchester United.)

A club renowned for its discipline and professionalism, there's little that the finest players in the world would not learn in Turin, Italy. The art of tactics, the importance of patterns, of versatility and discipline, even 34-year-old stars who have plied their trade at the top level never stop learning. Indeed, Evra told Canal Plus: "I have learned a lot about football -- how to be more professional, even if I was professional in Manchester."

At Juventus, players are always developing, whether mentally while under the tutelage of Antonio Conte, or tactically through the words of manager Massimiliano Allegri.

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