Del Piero and the A-League All Stars defeated

It was a feeling of pure nostalgia; a deep yearning. Enveloped by the warmth of beautiful memories and profound emotion, Alessandro Del Piero was on the pitch again, not in the Bianconeri shirt we have grown accustomed to him wearing, but as the opponent in an exciting friendly game that Juventus won 3-2 over the A-League All Stars.

An opportunity to play against Australia's best in a heaving atmosphere surrounded by cheerful fans, Juventus took to the pitch in an attempt to demonstrate their understanding of Massimiliano Allegri's ideas and ability to cope with the tough fitness regime recently imposed upon them. Make no mistake, this wasn't a relaxed game played by benchwarmers but a match that was treated with respect, with some of their best players, including Paul Pogba and Carlos Tevez, in the starting lineup.

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