Learning from Europa League loss

They may have suffered a defeat, but Juventus have every reason to be proud of its Europa League semifinal loss to Benfica. Proud of giving it absolutely everything they had, for showing great character and determination and most important for laughing in the face of every Italian Football cliche. Attacking and positive in every sense of the word, Juventus tried until the final moment to score their goal but failed against Benfica’s dogged defence. Congratulations to the Portuguese for reaching the Europa League final vs. Sevilla on May 14.

Benfica, who have suffered disappointment by missing out on many trophies in the final minutes of last season, have learned their lesson. Their game plan well executed and their chances were well taken, but nothing has been more impressive than their defence. They tightened lines, pressed effectively and ran relentlessly to close down every offensive movement. Defence wins you trophies and Jorge Jesus is simply another coach proving the motto.

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