Easy win for Juventus against Udinese

Juventus manager Antonio Conte puffed out his chest and declared that the whole of Italy were against his side. Their success had made Juventus the most hated team in the peninsula and it was just how they liked it. Being the most hated means opponents play the match of their lives when the Bianconeri are in town making each game that bit harder. However, in Udinese, a 2-0 victory was achieved with ease to restore the eight-point gap over second-placed Roma.

It must truly be frustrating to watch the Old Lady in action if you're not a fan. Even more frustrating to watch when the opposition clearly lack the talent required to halt the speeding train that continues to dominate domestically. A Bianconeri side without the energy of Arturo Vidal, the delicate skill of Carlos Tevez and the imperious form of Leonardo Bonucci triumphed with ease against a team many still feel are capable of an upset.

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