Is this really a team ready for Europe's elite challengers?

Juventus secured a 3-1 aggregate win over Lyon at home in Turin on Thursday night and the place in the Europa League semi-finals that comes with it. But their performances are not what one expects from a side perceived to be the favourites for the trophy. One-dimensional at times and lacking in energy and ideas, the Bianconeri were good enough to defeat their French opponents, but will they be good enough against better challengers?

It’s important to note that whilst the performance was not up to par, it is not right to criticise these players too harshly. At this stage of the season, players are exhausted. Antonio Conte’s tactics and style of management impacts the squad both psychically and emotionally and it’s time to realise that whilst superior technique may carry them in certain games, until Juve bolster the squad to allow for tactical variants, they may not be able to leave their mark on the greatest competition: the Champions League.

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