One down, two to go. Juventus win 1-0 against Fiorentina


Yet another victory for Juventus, and this one was to equal Torino's record of 14 consecutive home wins from 1975-76. It may not have been an especially dazzling performance against Fiorentina, but when the same opponents must be faced twice more over the next 10 days -- in the last 16 of the Europa League -- energy needed to be preserved. 

Kwadwo Asamoah and his delicious feet ensured a 1-0 victory and the full three points to keep Juve at the top of the table.

Fiorentina's strategy was obvious in the first 45 minutes. They wanted to contain the pressure by defending deep in their own half and then making the most of their pace when they won back possession. Defensively, they succeeded in frustrating Juventus, who struggled to play through them. Shutting down the spaces through the middle and defending very narrowly, the Bianconeri explored their avenues on the wings in the hope of stretching the back-line before pinging a ball into the box.

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