Napoli floundering, Milan impress

Excerpt from the latest article:

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Yet whilst Italy took notice of Milan, no one could forget Napoli who are simply not performing to expectations. With Roma dropping points in a drab game against Inter on Saturday evening, this was the Partenopei’s chance to close the gap on second - especially as they were facing lowly Livorno, who sat in the bottom three and have the second worst defensive record in Serie A.

Yet it was a case of no Gonzalo Higuain, no party. Rafa Benitez insists his side are not dependent on their forward but it’s time to acknowledge that his replacements - this time Goran Pandev - simply do not contribute enough to the game. Whilst the Macedonian has played well when deployed behind the striker, alone he cannot offer what Higuain does on a regular basis.

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