Wasteful Milan defeated by Juve again


An atmosphere crackling with anticipation, the game that should be dubbed the real Italian derby took place in the San Siro tonight and what a match it was. Regardless of table rankings, past problems or absent players, there really is no better match to watch than when Milan take on Juve. Two prestigious sides intimately acquainted with success, the game boasted passion, technique and intelligent tactics. However, it was two moments of beauty that sealed the win for Juve to make it 2-0 for the Turin giants, and perhaps undeservedly so.

Milan are always Milan: a side capable of raising their game to take on the biggest and best teams in Europe. Regardless of the problems Max Allegri faced or their off-pitch battles they experienced as a consequence, they possess a winning mentality and an elegant identity that cannot vanish despite the "inferior" quality of this particular side in comparison to previous teams.

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