Juventus win but Trabzonspor deserved more

It was a familiar European tale for the Italian giants: Lapses in concentration, relaxed attitudes and imprecision with their passing. Juventus may have managed a 2-0 win over Trabzonspor, but the gods were smiling down on them, giving them that little bit of luck needed to keep the opponent at bay.

Juve trab.jpg

In the first half, it was evident the Turks were not about to let themselves be intimidated by the atmosphere at Juventus Stadium. Determined and eager, they set the tempo high, heavily pressed their opponents and worked on doubling up on the likes of Andrea Pirlo and Carlos Tevez to minimise their impact on the game. Unfortunately, their passing game needed to be better and thus they allowed the Bianconeri the opportunity to steal the ball and set their own game in motion.

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