Walter Mazzarri: A mistake to hire, a mistake to keep

Walter Mazzarri insists his side is not good enough, but is he the reason Inter continue to disappoint? Mina Rzouki analyses

Mismanaged after Jose Mourinho’s departure, Inter are hardly the easiest side to coach in Serie A. After the Treble was won, not only was the team poorly reconstructed but financially, the club failed to profit from their success and establish a long-term strategy to  secure their financial future. President Erick Thohir eventually arrived and it was hoped such an entrepreneur with experience in the sport would put together a plan for the future to increase revenues and improve a failing project.

His vision of Inter centered around youth, on a stable strategy that would ensure financial stability. More than that, in July, he noted that he wanted a side that were tactically versatile, one that could adapt to the opponent and morph shapes to secure victories in Italy and beyond.

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