Time for Juve to make an impact on Europe

Taken from Uefa.com

Taken from Uefa.com

If the papers aren't discussing the need for technology in football due to the controversial manner in which Juventus defeated Roma, then instead they're discussing Arturo Vidal and his future.

The Chilean midfielder's talent is not to be doubted, but there is a concern that he is slipping. Beppe Marotta & Co. have always cared about the delicate balance of personalities within the squad. Part of their love for Vidal came from his intensity and desire to be a leader. His relentless running and dynamic energy explain why he developed into one of the best players in the world. Without these qualities, he risks falling back into mediocrity.

It remains to be seen whether he can win back the affections of those who once idolised him, but beyond that, this is an incredibly important season for Juventus.

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