Rocchi Horror Show brings you Juventus 3-2 Roma drama

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Rocchi Horror Show. A game marred by the most controversial of referring decisions, Juventus dug deep and showed confidence to keep going, achieving a 3-2 victory over Roma.

In an emotionally charged game between the only real challengers for the title, the intensity was palpable, the hostility keenly felt. A match that was supposed to provide the answers has instead provided the sort of incidents that will be replayed and questioned until 2015.

Controversial decisions are part of football but when they happen in a Juventus match then the same old cliches are regurgitated. The reality is that Gianluca Rocchi, a referee who has been suspended for some diabolical decisions in the past, should not have taken charge of Serie A's most important match.

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