Maturity is key to defeat gritty Atletico Madrid

Man for man, legendary Italian manager Arrigo Sacchi is right: Juventus are superior in terms of quality. Yet the question remains, are they good enough as a team to topple perhaps the most balanced unit in Spain?

This season, Atletico Madrid are a riddle that cannot be solved. They toiled and struggled and managed only a draw against Celta Vigo, yet smashed high-flying Sevilla 4-0. The fans worried about the sale of their best player in Diego Costa, yet the one they really miss is in fact Filipe Luis -- not only because he secured the defence but because he offered the offence another dimension down the left flank, a consistent stream of attacking opportunities. 

What Simeone hinted to before he faced Unai Emery's Sevilla this past weekend is that he wanted a player with pace upfront, someone that could latch on to the swift balls to make them a side that exploited their strengths to finish off their created chances.

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