Atletico Madrid win against a weak strategy

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Juventus were hoping to face the Atletico Madrid side that lost to Olympiakos. Instead, they came up against a beast of a team that played with intensity, intelligence and heart, condemning Juve to their first defeat of the season. The Spaniards achieved a 1-0 victory and with Malmo also managing a win, each team in Group A now has three points to make things that much more exciting.

On a tactical level, it's almost impossible to really analyse this match in under a million words. What is important and what was rather evident to see was that Los Rojiblancos concentrated on destroying their opponent's game, pressing high up the pitch with great intensity to kill off any attacking initiatives.

Deployed in an organised 4-5-1 shape when not on the ball, Atletico, encouraged by their coach on the touchline and the fans around them, worked sensationally hard, pressing each player ahead of them to win back the ball and provoke frustration.

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