Atalanta thrashed, who is next for the Bianconeri?

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Atalanta attempted to provide a challenge, but such is the evident superior quality of Juventus that hardly anyone is surprised they managed a 3-0 win away on Saturday night. Is Serie A becoming boring considering no side can even score against Juventus, with their fluidity, technique and wonderful patience?

Ah, but Atalanta had their chance. Awarded a penalty, German Denis stood in front of goal seeking to be the first to score against the Bianconeri this season. Dispatching the tamest of shots, Gianluigi Buffon saved, and within a minute, Juventus scored their second of the night. Are they simply lucky, too intimidating or is the Old Lady so far and beyond almost all the teams in Serie A that barely anyone can annoy let alone terrify her?

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