Are Roma bad losers or Juve bad winners?

It might be the time to temporarily forget club football and enjoy the development of Antonio Conte's Azzurri side, but Italy can still not forget or recover from Sunday's evening match between Juventus and Roma. With embarrassing comments made by everyone who feels they are worthy of an opinion, the Italian league might be that bit more interesting to watch but is now, once again, clouded by a sense of suspicion.

After the match, Francesco Totti, a symbol of Roma but also one of, if not the greatest No. 10s Italy has seen in the past two decades (apologies to Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero fans), thought it wise to say Juventus always win 'by hook or by crook.' Outrightly stating that his opponents are cheating, his poor choice of words was not only beneath a legend of his status but ridiculous and harmful to a league that is staving off critical voices from disinterested parties.

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