Leonardo Bonucci's departure sad but understandable

No sooner had Juventus fans started celebrating the arrival of Douglas Costa than rumours gathered that beloved defender Leonardo Bonucci was being targeted by Milan and a transfer was likely. In a sceptical world full of fake news, Italians laughed. They knew better. A transfer to Chelsea and a reunion with Antonio Conte, maybe, but Milan? Never. "I was the black and white sheep of a house full of Inter supporters," explained a young Bonucci when he first arrived to Turin to start his adventure.

Juventus pulled off another transfer market masterstroke when they opted to invested in little Leo, a Juventino since childhood. Although he was derided by the critics who warned that his partner Andrea Ranocchia was the better between the two defenders, Juve knew better. Never a club that invests in talent alone but in the man, the Old Lady recognised that glint in Bonucci's eye. He was a born winner and he would lead his club to glory.

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Douglas Costa is Juve's

Douglas Costa.jpeg

Making their first big signing of the summer, Juventus captured Douglas Costa from Bayern Munich in an effort to improve their attacking play next season.

Juve have often been linked to, and even purchased, great talents, but Costa belongs to the small pool of elite footballers who will undoubtedly raise the level at the club. Labelled as "one of the best wingers in the world" by none other than Pep Guardiola, Costa boasts high technical qualities, sensational ability in one-on-one situations and explosive pace. Tactically intelligent, he exploits space well, can play with either foot and boasts a strong shot.

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Juventus defeat Monaco with an Higuain brace - Player Ratings

The audacious Juventus machines continue to churn out exciting results, defeating Monaco 2-0 in their Champions League first-leg semifinal to make the return leg in Turin a more comfortable prospect.

Playing with confidence due to their experience, Juventus started the match well as their opponent surrendered to nerves. A vertical side who love to run down the channels, Monaco struggled to pierce Juventus and had a difficult time finding alternate ways to attack.

However, the home side did have their chances but -- with Gianluigi Buffon relied upon to clean up any mistakes and Dani Alves playing like the perfect attacker -- Juventus made the most of their chances with Gonzalo Higuain scoring a brace.

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Previewing Monaco - Juventus in the Champions League

Europe's most-prolific attack is set to face the continent's stingiest defence as Monaco host Juventus in the Champions League semifinal on Wednesday evening.

Having attacked their way into the hearts of many neutrals, Monaco are blessed with talent, electrifying pace and youthful vitality. With two incredibly gifted squads set to face off, the real battle might just be between two tacticians who deserve to be praised for what they have achieved with their respective sides in the past few seasons.

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Juventus draw 2-2 with Atalanta - Player Ratings

Up against a vivacious and determined Atalanta side, Juventus could only manage a 2-2 draw on Friday, conceding a last-minute goal to provoke Massimiliano Allegri's ire.

A wasted first half, Juventus barely showed any determination in the first 45 minutes, squandering possession cheaply and gifting the opponents several opportunities. Atalanta by contrast, played with intensity and pace, overwhelming Juventus and grabbing the opening goal just before the end of the first half.

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Monaco looms as Juventus prepare for Atalanta

Italian federation president Carlo Tavecchio, former Old Lady boss Marcello Lippi and club legend Stefano Tacconi all believe Juventus are in with a great chance of winning the Treble this campaign. In fact, the latter believes they've already reached the finals before a ball has even been kicked. Everyone seems to be on board the Juve bandwagon, believing this side will achieve what they have sought for so many years now.

So is there any surprise that Massimiliano Allegri arrived at his pre-match conference with a clear desire to state the side has not won anything yet? The only trophy Juve look near certain to win is the league title due to the eight-point gap between them and Roma but Lazio will be a difficult side to beat in the Coppa Italia final, while Champions League semifinal opponent Monaco are being frighteningly underestimated.

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Juventus 4-0 Genoa - Player Ratings

A complete performance, Juventus defeated Genoa 4-0 to collect their 33rd consecutive Serie A homd win, edging ever closer to another league title.

Il Secolo XIX had dubbed this match "Mission Impossible" for Genoa noting that only a paranormal phenomenon akin to catching a "wave of green lights" or "finding parking downtown during rush hour" can halt the Old Lady in her tracks. 

Playing with confidence and intensity, Juventus approached this game with the right attitude and made their superiority count as they overwhelmed Genoa and struck early to show their intent. 

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Looking ahead to Monaco and Genoa

Having dumped Barcelona out of the Champions League, barely celebrating the occasion, Juventus are concentrated on the task at hand. A side currently outplaying the best teams in Europe, Juve have what it takes to win the treble this season, as long as they maintain their humility and focus.

Drawing Monaco -- a celebrated team of exciting youngsters -- in the Champions League semifinals, Juventus must ensure they do not underestimate a side accused of lacking experience. Having managed 90 goals in 32 league matches, Leonardo Jardim's side is wickedly offensive, scoring goals with wild abandon.

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Barcelona 0-0 Juventus - Player Ratings

Keeping a clean sheet, Juventus played with character and composure to earn a 0-0 draw at the Camp Nou and progress to the semifinal of the Champions League, 3-0 on aggregate.

Demonstrating offensive strength in the first leg and offensive might in the second, Juve played as a unit with intensity and organisation. Aggressive from the get-go, they showed no fear and were quick to press, eager for a battle. Spotting the weaknesses, Barcelona attacked on the left through Neymar but often found themselves halted by a unit that worked impeccably well together. Throwing on more and more attackers as time wore on, Barca searched for ways to pierce through an impenetrable defence but proved incapable.

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Can Juventus do what PSG couldn't against Barcelona? Previewing the match

When it comes to the Champions League, every pundit, critic and fan is often asked which team would win the tie overall. When it came to Juventus vs. Barcelona, many opined the Italians would win the home leg but could lose the overall tie -- such is the power of the Camp Nou.

Those who watch Juventus on a day to day basis were quick to point out the beauty of Massimiliano Allegri's side. Talented, balanced and defensively capable, the team is presided over by a coach renowned for his tactical intelligence. Creating a tactically versatile side that no longer looks to react but take the initiative, the one question mark many had over the power of this team surrounded their mental strength.

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Gonzalo Higuain helps Juve defeat Pescara 2-0 - Player Ratings

Taken from Juventus.com

Taken from Juventus.com

Gonzalo Higuain grabbed another brace to help Juventus defeat Pescara 2-0 and take another step forward to winning the club's sixth consecutive league title.

It was clear that many of the Juve players had their minds elsewhere and thus played a less than enthralling game, relying on certain individual moments of beauty and a determined Higuain to make the difference.

Pescara had started the match aggressively, applying pressure to try to make an impact, but against a side boasting such technical superiority, they could not compete. Juventus instead waited for their chances and produced with efficiency to seal another three points. 

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Why Juventus are so pleased Paulo Dybala extended his contract

"Messi who? The Martian is Dybala," roared the front-page headline of Tuttosport as Paulo Dybala scored a brace to down the mighty Barcelona. The architect behind Juve's most beautiful attacking moves this season, "La Joya" demonstrated his trademark moves and sensational finishing to secure the Italian giants' positive result in the Champions League midweek.

For those who watch him every match, his talent is undeniable; for the rest of the world, Dybala just announced himself on the biggest stage. All anyone could ask was" Can Juventus keep hold of the youngster or will the Argentina international go to Real Madrid or Barcelona?

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Juventus smash Barcelona 3-0 - Player Ratings

Phenomenal Juventus defeated the almighty Barcelona 3-0 at home on Tuesday, proving that they are not only on par with the great European clubs, but that they are technically, tactically and physically better than the side that beat them in the 2015 Champions League final.

Playing with pace and power, Juventus started the match in aggressive fashion, pressing high up the pitch and looking to create chances quickly. The side are renowned for scoring quick goals in Serie A and they managed to do the same against Barcelona when Paulo Dybala curled in the opening goal in the seventh minute.

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It's time for Barcelona - How can Juventus defeat them?

It's finally time for the anticipated Champions League clash between Juventus and Barcelona, a match that may finally reveal how far Juve have progressed since the teams last faced each other in the 2015 final.

While Juventus achieved a 2-0 win against Chievo through beautiful football over the weekend, Barcelona lost to Malaga by the same scoreline to hand the advantage to Real Madrid in the Spanish title race. Cue mass hysteria in Spain. Consistency has proved to be a problem for Luis Enrique's men this season, and after they stuttered in several matches, struggling to dominate games like they used to, Enrique changed from the famed 4-3-3 formation to a 3-4-3 shape that brought with it exciting results, including the epic comeback against PSG.

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Juventus defeat Chievo Verona 2-0 - Player Ratings

Juventus collected their 32nd consecutive home victory by defeating Chievo Verona 2-0, and while they expended a lot of energy to ensure a positive result, they also demonstrated confidence and fluidity.

On a night when Barcelona lost to Malaga, Juventus tried to push thoughts of the upcoming Champions League clash aside to focus on their present challenge. Demonstrating great movement, quick thinking and ingenuity on the ball, the Bianconeri created an abundance of goal-scoring opportunities against a side that played a solid game.

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Napoli defeat Juventus 3-2 in the Coppa Italia but lose the overall tie - Player Ratings


Forced to suffer, Juventus lost 3-2 to Napoli but won the overall tie to progress to the Coppa Italia final for the third year in a row.

Juventus came armed with ambition and the desire to score an away goal, and they produced a good first half of football despite the whistles at the Stadio San Paolo. Effective and precise, Gonzalo Higuain created an opportunity out of nothing and opened the scoring in response to the continual jeers.

Napoli equalised in sensational fashion, but a brilliant move by Juve, characterised by several good decisions by certain players, led to the Bianconeri's second goal. 

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Napoli host Juventus in the Coppa Italia semifinal 2nd leg

A victim of their own success, Juventus will forever be criticised unless they win every match comprehensively. Never allowed an off day, the very fact the Bianconeri opted to play a defensive style of football against Napoli on Sunday evening has resulted in doubt about the brilliance of this team.

A country obsessed by negative perspectives, it seems Juventus can never struggle and no achievement is ever applauded. They should be winning every trophy, every match and every tournament they participate in. Nothing is considered an achievement but a mandatory procedure.

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Napoli 1-1 Juventus - Player Ratings

Achieving an important point in a hostile stadium, Juventus were not at their best but still managed a 1-1 result at Napoli.

Quick goals have become the norm for Juve but it's a shame that as soon as Sami Khedira scored, the team retreated to playing a passive game, allowing Napoli to take the initiative. Despite demonstrating great discipline -- sacrificing in unison to ensure defensive safety -- Juve showed very little desire to get forward and cause danger.

The Partenopei struggled to play through the lines and were consistently forced out wide, hindered from producing their best football. To read more, click here.